1.6.23 14:30 s.t. - Seminarroom 25.32 O2.51
Danilo B. Liarte: „Geometry, topology, and soft matter: Smectics, disordered elastic systems”
ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research and IFT-UNESP, Brazil

Geometry and topology play a central role in physics. Their interplay and synergy lead to some of the most intriguing phenomena in condensed matter. I will discuss deep connections between the differential geometry of surfaces and the iconic defects of layered liquid crystals, and present an elegant description for their microstructure that involves Lorentz invariance and precise arrangements of conic sections. I will then explore the topology of some classes of periodic lattices to craft a model for the universal properties of disordered solids near a rigidity transition, with interest in many systems ranging from molecular glasses and granular media to biological tissues and even machine learning. Finally, I will show how we can use and extend our models of disordered elastic systems to describe a variety of systems such as metamaterials and strange quantum liquids.

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