19.7.23 11:00 s.t. - Seminarroom 25.32 O2.51
Dr. Umang Dattani: „Cavitation instabilities in amorphous solids”
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

Amorphous solids exist in diverse forms around us. Understanding their failure is thus important. The failure in many amorphous solids is mediated by cavitation at smallest-scales of the solids(quasi-brittle failure). These cavitation instabilities originate from the attractive-interactions between the particles constituting the solid. In the first part of our work, using numerical simulations, we explore the elasto-plastic response of a model amorphous solid with attractive interactions under uniform expansion where such cavitation instabilities are expected to occur. We observe many parallels with the well-studied plasticity under shear. In the second part of our work, we explore the occurrence of these cavitation instabilities under a combination of uniform expansion along with secondary modes of driving like cyclic shear and local-random deformation via activity. We demonstrate that these cavitation instabilities can occur at lower-energy thresholds under such combinations of deformation. We also find that, in an amorphous solid, there exist abundant and diverse pathways to cavitation be it via localised plasticity or via yielding of the solid under cyclic shear.

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