Workshop: Bridging the Scales in Glasses

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie AK4      18.7.-20.7.2012

Segun Gideon Ayodele(MPIE Düsseldorf)Flow heterogeneity in colloidal hard sphere glasses: A study of the Fluid dynamics model (pdf)
Isabelle Binkowski(Uni Münster)
Jonas Bünz(Uni Münster)
Pinaki Chaudhuri(Uni Düsseldorf)Onset of flow in a confined colloidal glass (pdf)
Thibaut Divoux(ENS, Lyon, France)The fluidization dynamics of a "simple" yield stress fluid (pdf)
Stefan Egelhaaf(Uni Düsseldorf)
Markus Gross(Uni Bochum)
Peter Häussler(Uni Chemnitz)On processes of structure formation - a fundamental new approach (pdf)
Matthias Hein(Uni Düsseldorf)A Glass Close to a Rough Surface (pdf)
Helmut Hermann(IFW Dresden)Local and effective properties of metallic-glass-based nano-composites – Theoretical approach (pdf)
Kai-Uwe Hess(LMU München)Structural role of Fe in a peralkaline silicate melt (pdf)
Claus Heussinger(Uni Göttingen)Jamming and glassy dynamics in driven granular systems: "melting a glass by freezing" (pdf)
Uwe Hoppe(Uni Rostock)Structure of Nb2O5-NaPO3 glasses by X-ray and neutron diffraction (pdf)
Jürgen Horbach(Uni Düsseldorf)
Florian Kargl(DLR Köln)Rheology and crystal growth in supercooled Al2O3 (pdf)
Philipp Kuhn(DLR Köln)MD Simulation of Metallic Solidification under Shear Flow (pdf)
Imad Ladadwa(Uni Münster)Crowding phenomenon of scattered probe atoms in a Supercooled binary Lennard-Jones mixture (pdf)
Marco Laurati(Uni Düsseldorf)Transient response of concentrated colloidal dispersions to shear (pdf)
Suvendu Mandal(MPIE Düsseldorf)Reentrant glass transitions in confined hard-sphere glasses (pdf)
Bernd Müller(Uni Jena)
Alexandre Nicolas(LIPhy, Saint Martin d'Heres, France)A finite restructuring-time mesoscopic model for the rheology of soft glasses (pdf)
Christoph Scherer(Schott Mainz)Glass structure with well defined thermal history and glassy dynamic (pdf)
Michael Schmiedeberg(Uni Düsseldorf)New formulation of the jamming phase diagram of soft and hard spheres (pdf)
Simon Schnyder(Uni Düsseldorf)
Carsten Schroer(Uni Münster)Potential energy landscape analysis of a supercooled model system under a microrheological perturbation (pdf)
Tatjana Sentjabrskaja(Uni Düsseldorf)Glasses of binary colloidal mixtures in equilibrium and under shear (pdf)
Nima Hamidi Siboni(RWTH Aachen University)Time evolution of elementary structural events in amorphous materials (pdf)
Miriam Siebenbürger(HZ Berlin)Switch-on of shear and creep in colloidal glass (pdf)
Ferdinand Somorowsky(Fraunhofer ISC Würzburg)Porous Vycor Glass: Interrelation between Morphology, Structure and Water Uptake (pdf)
Fathollah Varnik(Uni Bochum)Flow heterogeneity in hard sphere glasses: Connecting MD studies with lattice Boltzmann simulations (pdf)
Gerhard Wilde(Uni Münster)Atomic mobility inside shear bands and the impact on tracer diffusion, nanocrystal nucleation and growth (pdf)
David Winter(Uni Mainz)Non-linear single-particle-response of glassforming systems to external fields (pdf)
Fan Yang(DLR Köln)Structural relaxation on a bulk metallic glass forming Zr-Ti-Cu-Ni-Be liquid (pdf)